The stated aim of the Association is to provide printer users with proven high quality products, through its members, that are cost effective environmentally friendly alternatives to imported toner cartridges.

What is UKCRA?

Those remanufacturers who recognise that need form the UK Cartridge Remanufacturers Association, with the expressed aim of providing the printer user with proven high quality products that are a cost effective, environmentally friendly alternative to imported cartridges.

All UKCRA members have to meet, and then comply with codes of practice in a number of areas, these include:

Conforming to minimum codes of remanufacturing practice.

Conforming to labelling and packaging standards.

Meeting standards of general business practice.

Having a bona-fide warranty system in place.

Accepting mediation by UKCRA in disputes with customers.

The Advantages of buying from a UKCRA Member

With the number of remanufactured cartridges sold now exceeding 1,500,000 each year, the remanufacturing industry now provides more cartridges to UK laser printer users than all bar the one printer manufacturer.

At best, a remanufactured cartridge is a quality, reliable product, virtually indistinguishable from the original, but with over 100 remanufacturers in the UK, and with the variation in quality and service that diversity brings, the printer user has had, until now, few ways of telling good from bad.

At the same time the good remanufacturer has needed a way of proving to potential customers that he at least meets a set of minimum standards in the production methods he uses and the way he conducts business.

Buy with confidence

Now the printer user can confidently take advantage of the environmental and cost benefits of a recognisable, high quality well tested remanufactured cartridge.

In addition, the close co-operation amongst Members has already brought about benefits with exchange of technical information and added purchasing power bringing better quality product to the printer user.

Variety and choice

UKCRA membership, although a major step, is not to be viewed as an end in itself. Within the guidelines set, each remanufacturer continues to develop individual products, product ranges, and variety of services and means of marketing that ensures the printer user has a genuine set of alternative options even within the UKCRA framework.

The UKCRA rosette can only be used by fully licenced Members of the Association, who have met, and continue to abide by, the UKCRA codes of practice.

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